This approach is suggested to reverse the diminishing
membership, attendance and participation in PBDARES,
to explore new service opportunities in the commnity
and to address the diversity of interest of the
current and potential membership.

On January 11th, 2017 the monthly meeting of PBDARES-South was attended by 13 of the 80+ registered members. Three were general interest HAMs. Ten were CERT HAM radio operators. A rather lengthy training video was shown about the proper techniques for using crimpers to attach connectors to the ends of wires and the efficacy of soldering the already crimped joint. The video was followed by a very vociferous discussion of the value of such material to this audience, and the fact that ARES and CERT are two different organizations and one had nothing to do with the other.

On January 16th, 2017 I served as Net Controller for the combined PBDARES North, Central and South weekly net drill. Total attendance was 6 people (plus net control). Two were short time and mobile log-ins and four stuck around for the 15 minute net drill. On numerous other weekly net-drill days there were no participants and/or no one with the initiative to volunteer as Net Controller.

Palm Beach County - Division of Emergency Management / Palm Beach County Citizen Corps has distanced themselves from the CERTs and ARES. CERT meetings have been reduced to quarterly. It is also apparent that the PBC/ARES MOU will no longer be in effect in 2017.

There are 59 CERTs recognized by the Palm Beach County - Division of Emergency Management on the 2015 PBC-DEM CERT Team Leader List. 43 of these CERTs have one or more HAM stations as part of their teams. None of these CERTs have any formal relationship with ARES other than the fact that some of their HAM operators are ARES members. The 28 of the 43 HAM equipped CERTs in Palm Beach County are within the jurisdiction of PBDARES-South. The overwhelming majority of PBDARES-South members are CERT HAM radio operators, not HAM radio hobbiests.

Given these facts, it is apparent that PBDARES must rethink its operation if it is to remain a viable organization. This "evolution" is suggested as a way to meet that need.

The objectives of the PBARES evolution are to:

1: Re-evaluate PBDARES partnership roles and attitudes with its current and potential members and served agencies.

2: Explore possible sources of membership and emergency service organizations, and the benefits that they may be derive from a relationship with ARES.

FEMA has created two mechanisms for the management of emergency service providers; government funded Emergency Management organizations and non-government Citizen Corps partner and affiliated volunteer organizations. Therefore, there are two mechanisms by which ARES can explore service opportunities.
Opportunities with government organizations

Opportunities with government affiliated organizations

3: Define the benefits, operational advantages, training and other factors which benefit the potential organization in a Memorandum of Understanding.

identify the interface and operation aspects appropriate to working with each of these organizations

identify the needs and interests of the amateur radio Emergency Communications operators appropriate to each organization

identify and provide the training requirements, drills and exercises appropriate to the amateur radio Emergency Communications operators of each organization

Identify, address and create focus groups appropriate to the interests of the potential membership. Define Relationships - what each FG need, means, needs Find and mature service areas appropriate to these Focus Groups MOUs/MOAs , appropriate supplemental FG training interface and operational coordination three groups: government (non-volunteer) services non-government services cit corps part&affil, CERT government (volunteer) services

This website adresses: • What is ARES
• Who are ARES members
• Working with government organizations
• Working with non-government organizations
• Potential cooperative opportunities

It also includes: • Governing statutes, laws, rules and agreements
• Training and performance requirements
• Liability protection
• Funding Sources

Your comments and suggestions
are appreciated at

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